Obvious Parenting Guide

Parenting may not be easy, but it can be obvious.  As parents we obviously want to keep our children healthy, feed them nutritious food and help them get enough exercise and sleep.  We also want to instill confidence, teach them respect, and make sure they are growing and developing appropriately.  This unique guidebook provides seven simple keys to help us make our children's life journeys as awesome as possible. 

I've read many general pediatric books in my nearly 40-year career as a general pediatric practitioner, and I would have to rank this one at the top for its thorough, reader-friendly, loving, preventative approach to caring for children (and oneself) by leading a life based on strong, common sense, holistic values so often lacking in today's world. This is a perfect road-map for new and even experienced parents!

Dean Prina, MD - Pediatrician