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Now more than ever, our patients are searching for information on healthcare via the internet and their social media connections. As we know, the growing amount of misinformation has complicated our jobs as healthcare professionals. This misinformation can create doubt and mistrust in the relationship with their healthcare providers.

Luckily, we have developed simple, fun, and evidence-based content based on the Obvious Parenting guidebook. This content is purposefully focused on how to stay well and avoid the complexities of self-diagnoses and treatment often shared by social media and websites.


Essential Patient Connection Content!

For just $999 you get:

  • 54 wellness graphics and accompanying content
  • The freedom to share the content as you choose (Facebook/Instagram posts, website blogs, e-blasts)
  • 50 FREE Obvious Parenting guidebooks, with the ability to purchase more at a 40% discount

Content will be delivered via a Google Document with images like the one you see below, and corresponding text.  The content can be used in email newsletters, printed newsletters, or any social media platform.  There are no limits to how you use this content, so get creative!

Nutritional Facts Label - High Fiber & Low Sugar is Best! (Part 1) (1)

Nutritional Facts Label - High Fiber & Low Sugar is Best!

When reading the Nutritional Facts Label, focus on foods high in fiber and low in sugars. Most of us need to eat more fiber. It helps us to maintain healthy digestion 💩 and decreases the risk of certain cancers. 
The recommended daily fiber intake is 25-38 grams, but the average American only consumes 15 grams of fiber per day.
Click the button below 👇🏾 for helpful resources on fiber-rich foods:
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Most of your patients (and their parents) will be accessing this content on their phones, so every piece of content is mobile-friendly!

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Easy, Affordable, Effective!

The Obvious Parenting Guidebook and Patient Connection Content are the easiest way for you to promote WELLNESS in your clinic, stay connected to your patients, and reach others in your community who are seeking forward-thinking providers who value preventative medicine.  Take advantage of this incredible opportunity and get your Patient Connection Content today!