Parents and providers are raving about Obvious Parenting…

I absolutely love this book. It is fresh, brings a wholesome perspective to parenting, and is the perfect length for busy parents to read. I will first order it for my neighbor who is 5 months pregnant, but it really should be included in the early pregnancy package for all couples!

Mioara Manole, MD

I’ve read many general pediatric books in my nearly 40-year career as a general pediatric practitioner, and I would have to rank this one at the top for its thorough, reader-friendly, loving, preventative approach to caring for children (and oneself) by leading a life based on strong, common sense, holistic values so often lacking in today’s world. This is a perfect road-map for new and even experienced parents!

Dean Prina, MD

As a parent and as a Pediatrician I recommend this book. Obvious Parenting reminds us of many important aspects of parenting, that maybe “Obvious” but, are often dismissed or set aside in our hectic lives. This book serves to teach and remind us of the heart of parenting and raising healthy children in today’s busy world. Ben’s straight forward and to the point writing style allows this book to be a quick read and a go to reference chalk full of information.

Emily Granath, MD

I love this book! Obvious Parenting is a book every parent-to-be needs! It is informative, but not overwhelming. This book gives light to the subjects all parents need to know from conception through adulthood. It even reminds me of how important teaching our children to take care of planet earth is to their well-being. Obvious Parenting is a book that even an experienced mom of 4, like me, can learn from!

Charla B, mother of 4

This book is unlike any other parenting book. It is an easy read for busy parents, and presents information in an authentic and intuitive way by going back to the basics of healthy living. This gem offers simple truths from Ben’s own admirable journey as a father and health care provider.

Ara Haupt PA-C and new mother