How do you make the Coronavirus taste better? Just add lime!

Just like the Corona beer, adding lime can not only help the taste but also keep you healthy. “What do you mean?” you ask? Lime is loaded with antioxidants, flavonoids, and other phytonutrients that are good for your body. During times that we want to protect ourselves from getting sick, we need to treat our bodies well. This means eating foods that help support our immune systems. You can take one guess at what foods are the best at this job. Yep! Fruits and vegetables. Foods that come directly from Mother Nature.

It is interesting to see the focus people have in a time of a pandemic. Just yesterday I went to the grocery store to get meals for the week. I had heard all the stories about the toilet paper shortage and the stores having difficulty keeping items stocked. I found the stories to be true as I walked down the aisles. The real interesting thing I saw was that the produce section was fully stocked. Now, this could be because this specific grocery store is good at keeping produce stocked, or that people are focused on non-perishable items. I have a feeling the produce section is stocked because people are not focused on “healthy” food, but rather not running out of food. Fear-based grocery shopping at its finest! I personally stocked up on the fruits and vegetables while they were in stock, knowing they will keep my family healthier than if I bought a bunch of processed non-perishable items. In times of stress, our bodies need more antioxidant support found best by eating fruits and vegetables. If you have a hard time finding fresh produce at your local grocery store, go to your nearest health food store. There is a chance they have fresh produce in stock.

Please buy and eat more fresh produce to keep you and your family healthy, and reduce the risk of having a virus overwhelm your body. 

Keeping your body healthy is just as important as social distancing. Do not let anybody tell you differently. True prevention is a holistic journey, not focusing on just one action, but looking at the challenge as a whole. Please keep this in mind while this pandemic continues and even when the dust has settled. 

For more information and resources on the benefits of fruits and vegetables visit our resource page.

A little bit about me. I am a physician assistant, author, and most importantly a father of two awesome teenage boys (in my humble opinion). I believe in the power of prevention, and am so passionate about wellness that I wrote a book about it: Obvious Parenting: Seven Simple Keys to Supporting Wellness.

If you enjoyed this post, continue to watch for more fun, short, and obvious posts focused on keeping you and your family healthy!